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We understand that being in the educating business requires patience, understanding and most of all; trust. We take teaching our students to be safe and educated graduates of our school as our number one priority.


Why choose us? Because we care and understand the importance of training new drivers and starting them with a strong base of knowledge as well as good driving habits. We also empower our students to become confident in their driving.


JMC mission statement is to treat our clients with respect and never take their patronage for granted.


JMC Driving School offers the Massachusetts required complete driver education program for teen drivers: this includes the student's behind the wheel training component, classroom training component and parent class component.

JMC understands the economic strain that parents/students are under therefore, we have flexible and competitively priced programs; in order to fill our client's individual needs. We also offer just the driving component of driver's education or just the classroom component of driver's education. We offer many classroom and sessions throughout the year (please contact us or see JMC Calendar).


In addition to teaching our teens, we also share with parents our safety driving knowledge skills. We encourage parents to continue to enforce safe and defensive driving habits after they have completed the classroom, driving component or the driver education program.


We also specialize in teaching adults how to drive. Teaching all our students good driving habits is always our number one priority.

JMC understands how busy Parents, Teens and Adults are; so we offer at school, work or at home pick up and drop off (please call to see if you are in the qualifying area).


We cover the following locations: Belmont, Framingham, Lexington, Lincoln, Natick, Newton, Waltham, Watertown, Wayland and Weston.


Our Toyota, Camry 2013 vehicles for behind-the-wheel instruction has all safety features with a second passenger side brake for our instructors. Contact JMC Driving School through our website or call us at 781-373-1730 to get more information, register for any of our programs; or browse our website for more information on all our current programs.


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